The DAISS2 Project: Diagnostics for Enterprise Soft Skills

In a consortium representing 6 EU countries, the ‘DAISS2: Diagnostic for Enterprise Soft Skills’ project aims to adapt, pilot and transfer an innovative psychometric diagnostic tool for assessing and developing the soft skills of enterprise and entrepreneurship.

We will test and evaluate

  • its validity in a range of environments, cultures and sectors,
  • its impact on adult employability within each of the partner countries,
  • and opportunities for its wider application and exploitation within the EU including processes for sustaining its use after the end of the project.


The diagnostics have been developed in response to growing employer demand for a more entrepreneurial and enterprising workforce.

DAISS2 builds on a previous LdV ‘Transfer of Innovation’ project that has successfully transferred soft skills diagnostics and a job matching tool to 6 EU countries (Click to view: www.daiss-project.eu). DAISS2 will complement this initiative and broaden the range of products designed to improve employment prospects for job seekers across the EU.

The benefits:

  • Amongst unemployed adults and VET training providers, a better understanding of the soft skills sought by employers
  • A better understanding of the importance of the soft skills of enterprise and entrepreneurship for enhanced employability
  • Greater awareness of what it means to be enterprising – in both employment  and self-employment
  • An increased number of employability programmes that including the development of the soft skills of enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • A reduction in local unemployment, including more individuals entering self-employment/business start-ups

Transfer of Innovation Projects

The aim of “Transfer of Innovation” projects is to improve the quality and attractiveness of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in the EU by transferring existing innovations to new legal, systemic, sector, linguistic, socio-cultural and geographic environments through working with transnational partners.

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