How the DAISS2 Project Works

The DAISS2 project has been designed to improve the employability of unemployed adults through the transfer of newly developed diagnostics that assess and develop soft skills for enterprise & entrepreneurship. It responds directly to the growing importance employers attach to these skills in the workplace and seeks to influence the content of VET provision to include the development of enterprise skills for enhance employability.

We will transfer and pilot new elements of the Diagnostic that root out and develop aptitude for enterprise, expanding the mechanisms used in VET for this type of assessment. This process will provide VET Trainers with a clearer understanding of an individual’s entrepreneurial approaches, attributes and learning styles in order to better personalise teaching and coaching methods.

Originally developed and piloted in the UK, the diagnostic and its transfer will facilitate learning and feedback between countries so that knowledge and experience are shared between partners and inform further development and enhancement of the product.

The transfer will be enabled through translation, adaptation (based on the findings of local Needs Analyses) and training in the use and interpretation of the Diagnostic.  It will involve the engagement of VET trainers and job seekers to participate in the piloting process.

DAISS2 builds on a previous LdV Transfer of Innovation that has successfully transferred soft skills diagnostics for job matching to 6 EU countries. See

The Diagnostic Tool

Based on the well-established psychometric testing system of workplace behaviour (DISC), and uniquely incorporating an assessment of learning styles, the Self Awareness diagnostic tool is validated for use with adults and young people by the University of Cambridge.

To view the diagnostic tool, please click here:

  • 12 VET Institutions with trained practitioners in Enterprise Psychometrics
  • 60 VET Trainers from 6 EU countries trained to become effective practitioners able to work productively with target groups
  • 600 unemployed adults receiving Enterprise Reports, detailed feedback & on-going coaching support in line with their preferred learning styles.
  • A comprehensive Practitioner toolkit for employability trainers
  • Evaluation reports & case studies detailing a series of contrasting implementations & exemplars of best practice.

  • An improved range of approaches to assessing & developing skills enterprise/entrepreneurial skills
  • More VET trainers adapting programmes to suit the learning preferences of individuals
  • Increased number of VET programmes targeted on enterprise/entrepreneurship
  • Improved self-awareness of enterprise potential among target groups
  • Reduction in local unemployment with more individuals entering self-employment/ business start-ups