Kонсорциумътна DAISS2

Консорциумът на проекта е избран като една силна коалиция от професионални организации със сходни интереси и опит в областта на пригодността за заетост, развитие на работната сила, обучение по предприемачество, педагогиката и ПОО за възрастни обучаеми. Четири от членовете на консорциума са партньори по предишен проект (DAISS: www.daiss-project.eu).  DAISS2 включва два нови партньори от Испания и Кипър, които ще разширят участието и ще добавят редица свързани умения и опит към тези на консорциума.

Консорциумът на проекта включва компании от Великобритания (ATM); Италия (FORSAS and ASEV); България (IWG) Румъния (IPA SA); Кипър (Synthesis) иИспания (FUNIBER).

Партньоти от DAISS1, SIC (Литва) HRDC (Гърция) and SPI (Португалия) са прдължили като Асоциирани партньори.

Координаторът на проекта DAISS2 еАприкот Трейнинг Мениджмънт (Великобритания).

industry watch LOGOBULGARIA
Модест Мусоргски 11

София, 1504


Tel: +359 2 944 62 25

Web: www.iwatchbulgaria.com

Industry Watch Group is a consulting company specializing in economic policy research with significant experience in the area of education and labor market, and in management and coordination of international projects. As consulting boutique Industry Watch provides customized products depending on the concrete needs of information and know-how, which include:– for policy makers – sound analyses of economic and social problems and policy recommendations;– for companies customized research and strategic economic consulting;
– for foreign investors and international institutions background information, professional insights, macroeconomic and industry forecasting, etc.
– for media – background information and analysis on current economic and social policy issues

IPA SA Research Institute

169 Calea Floreasca

Sector 1, 014459



Tel: + 4021 318 00 51

Web: www.ipa.ro

1. IPA SA Research Institute (S.C.pentru Cercetare, Proiectare si Productie de Echipamente si Instalatii de Automatizare)is a research and training centre, established in 1960, in Bucharest, Romania and privatized in 1990. Today with over 150 University Professors, Researches, official certified trainers (over 40it is active in training, social activities, social inclusion activities, employment assistance, eLearning, eTraining, IT &C, research and other important fields.

IPA SA is full official member of the Regional Pact for Employment and Social Inclusion.
2. IPA SA, through the “The eActivities and eSocial Department” , department, involved in this project, has accomplished and successfully finished a consistent number of EU Commission projects in social fields and with social repercussions, such as:

• The training of disadvantaged, poor, disabled, Rroma people, in Internet, so to find social opportunities and, in by Internet generated professions, (Project Leonardo da Vinci: eEmployment, RO/03/B/P/PP175006, proposed in 2003, finished in 2006),

• The training of unemployed people for harbors’ works, (Project Leonardo da Vinci: Project eMarine, RO/ 05/ B/ F/ PP 175004, finished in 2008),

• The training in the SMEs activities entrepreneurship, (Project ENTER- ENTrepreneurship Enhancement and Reinforcement, GA.A. No. 20-2005/A.N. SI2 433563, finished in 2010),

• The training of the trainers with the view to instruct large categories, inclusive unemployed and disadvantaged people, in eCommerce, eMarketing, ePromotion. (Project: TRAIN OF TRAINER: Educating Independent eBusiness Instructors for SMEs; inside EU Commission, Enterprise Programme, GA.A. No. 20-2005”.

3. IPA SA has achieved many training and project activities inside the structural EU support, European Social Found Program.
IPA SA has accomplished and has achieved, inside the EU structural founds projects, of the European Social Found Program, important projects related to the social activities, such as:

• Project DACIE, POSDRU 93/3.1/S/48309, of the European Social Found Program: Invest in People, Title: Entrepreneurial Development, for Competitive knowledge, through Innovation and Efficiency.

• Project POSDRU /77/3.2/A/49763, of the European Social Found Program: Invest in People, Title: The Growing of the human capital performance, premise for the organizational performance growing.

• Project POSDRU /77/3.2/A/49763, of the European Social Found Program: Invest in People, Title: The growing of the enterprises positions through the human resources specialization in the new technologies fields, inside knowledge based society and for sustainable development.

4. IPA SA has trained over 300 poor, unemployed, disadvantaged people.

5. IPA SA , by the eActivities and eSocial Department, is the launcher and the organizer of the yearly, traditional European Conference, on eActivities, eLearning, eSocial:

6. E_COMM_LINE_2011, in 2011, at the 12-th yearly edition.

7. IPA SA is deep focused on:
• the social inclusion,
• risks and social risks,
• financial risks avoiding, curing, diminishing,
• micro-financing with the view of the risks diminishment,
• accessibility and usability of the training courses, inclusive on the on-line training courses,
• poor and disable people, social involvement,
• eLearning applications for the above people,

8. IPA SA has consistent link with universities.
The eActivities and eSocial Department leader is also full university professor at the Management and Finance Faculty of UE-B University Bucharest, where he has presented inclusive the course of The Financial Risk Avoiding.

9. IPA SA has received many Awards inclusive the Leonardo da Vinci National Award for the accomplishments in eLearning for people with special needs.

10. IPA SA – Goal
IPA SA is involved in research, design and training in the fields including social aspects (such as Risk Management, Micro-Financing for Risk diminishment, andragology special didactical raining aspects), advanced eLearning, the on-line based social and financial inclusion and in the European cooperation. IPA SA has successfully finished many EU projects.

11. IPA SA – Mission Statement
The IPA SA see herself as an entity working for the cohesive research, inclusive in social fields, education, design, training. It has a long experience in blended training for adult people (Leonardo Award), in the integration of the IT & C in education, in the social education.
In the near future the institution wants to provide high quality EU projects, firstly in education and research (inclusive in Risk Management, Micro-financing for the risk diminishment, using the on-line life in helping social and financial incluison) and also to develop intensive European cooperation.

12. IPA SA – Size
SME, prominent Romanian Organization in training and R&D, 240 people,
• Scope of work: Training, Research & Development Organization,
• Areas of specific expertise and competence in relation to the project organization:
Elaboration of Training Products, VET, eVET, mVET Products in different fields such as: (1) green actions,(2) Business, (3) eCommerce, (4) eGovernment, (5) Social and eSocial, (6) disadvantaged people, (7) unemployed people, (8) young and adult people, gypsies, (9) disable people with mobility impairments, (10) training the trainers, (11) training of disadvantaged people, (12) training in Internet & Teleworking and others.
Profile: Research & Design, engineering, studies, training, training for unemployment diminishment, education, support, by training, of poor people and of the disabled people, ERA, improving European cooperation and cohesion, the social solidarity, participation at EU projects.


Centre for Research and Education

Home for Cooperation

28 Markou Drakou Street

Nicosia 1102


Tel: +357 995 71660

Email: info@synthesis-centre.com

Web: www.synthesis-center.com

We are an enterprise dedicated to  the development of  the field of social entrepreneurship in Cyprus.   In view of promoting social entrepreneurship across the divided country, and contribute to peace and reconciliation, we are based in the United Nations’ “buffer zone” of the capital, Nicosia.

We are working to promote social entrepreneurship and social innovation through training, research, motivational speaking, and conferencing events. In cooperation with partners, we are soon to launch “The Co-working Space” providing entrepreneurs across the dividing line an environment where they can thrive together.

We are also a learning events provider, aiming to inspire and empower participants. We are delivering entrepreneurial training programmes for young people, consisting of personal development and entrepreneurial modules. We are also running an in-service training course for European teachers, trainers, and adult educators on “Inspiring and Enabling Entrepreneurship in Education.”

In the current decade, we are focusing on actions that can “open people’s minds,” improve social inclusion, and have a green and sustainable effect on the planet we live in.  Last but not least, we are active in sharing with others our passion for social entrepreneurship and transmitting its spirit for social change and a better world.

Agenzia per lo Sviluppo dell’Empolese Valdelsa spa

Via delle Fiascaie,

12 – 50053 Empoli


Tel:  + 39 0571 76650

Website: www.asev.it

ASEV (Empolese Valdelsa Development Agency) was created in 2001 with a mixed public private capital by the municipalities and social partners of the Empolese Valdelsa district, a region close to Florence, Italy. Its mission is to promote the economic, cultural and social development of the Empolese-Valdelsa area.
ASEV’s main activities are:
• Planning and conducting vocational training courses for people, enterprises, associations, Public Organizations
• Piloting and participating in European Projects, over the past 4 years ASEV has been involved in several International Projects, both as a coordinator and as a partner. All the Projects have been funded by the European Commission.
• Planning and management of educational and vocational guidance
• Support to local schools in carrying out education connected programs and teachers’ training
• Projecting and dealing with courses and activities related to university education
• Planning and management of services to promote employment, also in cooperation with local public employment service
• Training for migrants, together with the Circondario Empolese Valdelsa municipalities and Empolese Valdelsa Intercultural Centre.
• Planning, conduct and promote tourism-related activities meant to enhance the cultural, historical and environmental patrimony of the region.
ASEV is a training centre accredited by Toscana Region and it is involved in training and vocational-guidance activities financed by European Social Fund (ESF).
ASEV hosts an Open and Distance Learning centre belonging to the Regional Project TRIO, and manages the School of Ceramics and Pottery in Montelupo Fiorentino and the Regional Institute of Optics and Optometry in Vinci.


Paseo Garcia Faria, 29

08005, Barcelona.


Tel  +  39 010 541565

Website: www.funiber.es

The Ibero-American University Foundation (FUNIBER) uses as its framework the two worlds of university and training. FUNIBER offers in-class and online courses to individual or enterprises.
FUNIBER’s purpose is to spread and share the European and Ibero-American knowledge. Since its foundation in 1997 in Barcelona, Spain, FUNIBER has constantly grown to become an academic and professional network being present in twenty five countries (see headquarters).This network is formed by people from more than fourty five European and Latinamerican universities, enterprises and organizations worldwide known (see sponsors and partners). They provide experience and knowledge for the only purpose of giving to different people equal opportunities for international first-level education by adding the individuality, particularity and corporative advantages each country can provide.
FUNIBER is a scientific and investigative university institution that ties professional universities and institutions to offer a Global Education that respects local identities. FUNIBER’s three fundamental operative axes are:
• Promote the creation of inter-university programmes (programmes between universities). FUNIBER promotes programmes that permit access to double-titled academic degrees. The studies are for Masters, but there are post-degree programmes integrated among them. On the one hand, Diplomas, Specializations, and Extension Courses, among others, that are of a shorter duration. On the other, classroom-based studies for a Doctorate Degree.
• To support the development and activities of International Cooperation Projects. FUNIBER promotes cooperation and economic development, which is why it works in the field of training and participates in cooperation and development activities with a range of institutions who work on projects of development and/or international cooperation.
• Solutions to custom-made education and knowledge management for businesses and institutions. On the one hand, FUNIBER develops and works with businesses, corporations, and business groups in a consultative role oriented towards the generation of custom-made educational programs. On the other, FUNIBER provides consultation in knowledge management processes, contributing innovations and solutions that go from strategic-knowledge management models to systems based on TICs of Knowledge Corporative Portals.


Via Mura delle Cappuccine 10R

16128, Genova


Tel  +  39 010 541565

Website: www.forsas.it

FOR SAS was born in 2006 as a spin-off of consultant services carried out since 1998 by its founders.The company works in the Lifelong Learning sector by providing Italian firms with its training services, training needs analysis. It supplies professional support and coaching for enterprises management.Its mission is to back the venture enterprises that look out to the market through training assessment, and to encourage the realization of company projects. FOR SAS is engaged indeed to promote the financial company resources and develop competences and professionalism within the enterprises.The company counts on good partnerships with local, national and international partners, in order to support the business demands, and enlarge the horizons of job opportunities and training.

FORSAS is engaged since 2010 in Lifelong Learning Program projects both as coordinator and as project partner and takes part in several relevant European network for dissemination and the promotion of training quality within SMEs.

2010_lowres_Apricot_wStrap_4ColUNITED KINGDOM
Apricot Training Management

Limehurst House, Bridge Street

Loughborough, LE11 1NH


Tel:  +44 (0) 1509 643380

Web: www.apricot-ltd.co.uk

Apricot is an independent not-for-profit company that assists companies, organisations and individuals to grow through learning, training and development. Working with a wide range of private, public and third sector organisations, we design and deliver training, employment, outplacement and enterprise services.We have a talented multi-disciplinary team which believes in working with you to bring fresh innovative ideas to your business. We offer a complete training management service from research and options appraisal through to implementation and evaluation.Our advice and support is based on extensive experience and expertise. We will work with you to provide practical solutions to your specific needs.

Нашите 3 Асоциирани Партньори са:


The Hellenic Regional Development Center

Tel: 2610-223579

Email: info@hrdc.org.gr

Web: www.hrdc.org.gr

The Hellenic Regional Development Center (HRDC) is a NGO established in 1992.HRDC is an initiative addressed to universities, enterprises and social actors. It forms a Training Partnership and operates as a social player in collaboration with regional governmental authorities and administration offices in the areas of Social Cohesion, VET, New Technologies, Transfer of Innovation, Regional Development.The HRDC headquarters are located in Patras, Greece while the HRDC network also includes numerous Virtual Centers distributed across the country.HRDC holds strong collaborations with international organizations and regulatory authorities, supported by its backbone broadband infrastructure.

HRDC maintains under these relations, participations in innovative activities taking place in and outside Europe.

socin logoLITHUANIA

VsI Socialiniu inovaciju centras

Tel: +370 41 386066

Email: visiems@socin.lt

Web: www.socin.lt

NGO Centre for Social Innovations (VsI Socialiniu inovaciju centras, lith.) was established in 2008 for the purpose to promote, create, develop and implement innovative social initiatives, and satisfy interests those social groups who have fewer opportunities and as organisation of such profile grow, develop and become regional leader.Social innovations – new social ideas, thoughts, decisions, strategies, concepts, models, methods of work, activities. Their goal – the strengthening of public welfare, effective solving of social challenges and problems as well as inducement and facilitation of positive social changes.The goals of the Centre:
– Information, non-formal education and training for professionals, volunteers, social partners, various social groups and public on the most relevant social problems’ issues;
– Promotion and active participation in social initiatives facilitating various innovative solutions of social integration for socially vulnerable groups, strengthening their self-involvement in decision making processes and active social participation.
– Creation, development, implementation and evaluation of social innovation solutions in regional, national and international context;
– Implementation of various scientific and practical activities for development of solutions for social innovation.The Centre works in close partnership with local, national and international partners, interested organisations, public authorities and various social groups in order to support and promote the solutions for social welfare of those who are in the most relevant need, in Lithuania and EU.

Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovao logoPORTUGAL

Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação  

Tel: +351 22 607 64 00

Email: joaorodrigues@spi.pt

Web: www.spieurope.eu

SPI is an active centre of national and international networks connected to the innovation sector.
In addition to its headquarters in Portugal, the company has offices in the USA and China, which enable the development of contacts with key institutions worldwide.
SPI conducts activities under the following areas: Consulting, R&D and Training. Regarding the Training area, SPI has experience in using different training methodologies for various target groups, developing training plans and materials, supervising/evaluating training courses and assessing the impact of training programmes, among others.
SPI has an excellent track-record of participation in projects co-funded by community programmes, with recognized quality of tasks performed.