What is DAISS2?

DAISS2 is a European-wide project tasked with providing a more relevant supply of soft skills to the labour market.

Responding to growing demand from employers, the DAISS2 project is focused on developing the soft skills of enterprise and entrepreneurship in order to improve the employability and job prospects of unemployed adults.

Overview of the Project

The DAISS2: Diagnostics for Enterprise Soft Skills project is funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme through Leonardo da Vinci “Transfer of Innovation”

During the 2 year project, our consortium of 7 EU organisations will transfer an innovative diagnostic tool to be used in the assessment and development of the soft skills of enterprise and entrepreneurship.  We will adapt and refine the diagnostics to local cultures, making them available to employability training providers and job seekers in English, Bulgarian, Italian, Spanish, Greek and Romanian.

About the Project

Employability is enhanced for people “who demonstrate entrepreneurship and enterprise, an innovative approach, creativity, collaboration and risk taking.” (UKCES)

The aim of this project is to improve employability and job prospects amongst unemployed adults by transferring newly developed diagnostics that assess and develop soft skills for enterprise and entrepreneurship to 5 EU countries.

Our partners will provide the opportunity to test the diagnostic in a real world environment with both individuals and VET training providers, so providing important practical evidence of its value to end users.

We will test its validity in a range of environments, along with its wider application within the EU and develop processes for sustaining its use after the end of the project.

Our partnership consists of 7 organisations from 6 EU countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Italy, Romania, Spain and the UK. In addition there are 3 Associate Partners representing Lithuania, Greece and Portugal.

We are working together to adapt, translate and transfer a newly developed diagnostic tool that uses psychometrics to assess and report on the soft skills deployed in enterprise and entrepreneurship.